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Press Release: Information Systems Integration Joins Ethics-driven Lobbying Institute

For Immediate Release

May 11, 2016

Information Systems Integration is pleased to announces its recent affiliation with the National Institute of Lobbying and Ethics (NILE).  NILE is a brand new organization of government affairs professionals who are dedicated to bringing clarity to the work of lobbyist, through educating the public and enacting high ethical standards within the field.

As a firm that services lobbyists, Information Systems Integration (ISI) is proud to partner with an organization that seeks to develop high ethical standards.  These are the same standards of integrity and trust that ISI emphasizes in its own business endeavors.  Thus, NILE and ISI will form a great partnership of expertise from both an advocacy and technological point of view.

As the very first vendor partner within this new lobbying organization, ISI is committed to delivering the very best IT and cybersecurity solutions to the government relations industry.  ISI recognizes, alongside its NILE partners, that the lobbying industry is experiencing a digital transformation like many other industries.  Thus, ISI will continue to strive to lead that digital transformation for its clients.

Paul Miller, NILE’s founder and president says, “We all may operate our businesses differently, but at the end of day, whether we are engaged in what might be deemed traditional lobbying, to grassroots, to digital media, to public relations, to government affairs, to public policy we are all playing a role in advocating for issues on behalf of the public who doesn’t know or understand that.  The way we “lobby” may be different, but what we’re doing is the same and that is why this organization will have a broad appeal beyond those who may consider themselves traditional lobbyists.”

ISI is proud to join the NILE organization as we continue to bring innovation to the lobbying sector.

About Information Systems Integration

Founded in 1993, Information Systems Integration (ISI) specializes in providing precisely tailored Information Technology solutions and services to government affairs and public relations firms in Washington, DC and state capitols throughout the nation. ISI is the only technology provider in the country with over 23 years of experience working exclusively with the top lobby firms in DC and state capitols. More information is available at:


Mr. Michael B. King
(202) 465-4880

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