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Lobbying & Campaign Finance Reform: Let’s Not Sit on the Sidelines

By Paul A. Miller, Founder & President (

It’s no secret that the chatter continues to grow for Congress to begin turning its attention to campaign finance – lobbying reform.  It’s also no coincidence that this comes as we head into the heart of election season.  Instead of sitting on our hands and waiting to see what Congress will look to do, we have begun reaching out to members of the House and Senate to begin a dialogue on these very issues.

Issues like the revolving door; lifetime bans for former members; cooling of periods of 6-years for former staffers; requiring more disclosure from lobbyists, which could include listing all contacts.  These are just some of the issues already floating around and in current pending legislation.

We are organizing a task force to focus on these two issues and looking for people interested in serving.  This is going to be our chance to be out front talking about these issues and making sure we highlight the positives and negatives of any efforts to pass new legislation in these areas. We went through this process in 2008 with the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act (HLOGA) and it appears we may be headed down this road again.  So, if you want to volunteer to serve on this task force, please let me know.

Our goal would be for this task force to review any and all legislation out there or introduced in the next few months with the goal of coming up with a set of principles we can offer to the membership for review and comment. We’d like to head into the Fall with our own set of issues and solutions.  We cannot simply bury our heads in the sand and hope for the best.  We plan to be out there talking about these issues and making sure that we have solutions to any and all issues raised by Congress (and the public).

We do not plan to spend another election becoming the focus and the blame.  We plan to be vocal and talk about our profession and the role we play.

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