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Lobbying Task Force Issues Recommendations: A “Path Forward For The Future”

Lobbying Task Force Issues Recommendations: A “Path Forward For The Future”

NILE’s task force on lobbying reform is pleased today to publicly release its recommendations, which address key issues our profession faces today and offers real solutions on how to correct them.  We are urging Congress and the Administration to work with us on making these recommendations part of their first 100 day goals.  President Trump talked a lot about ethics reform and this document is a path forward we hope he will consider in his plans to make changes in this area.

The problem isn’t people serving in and out of government.  Voters have said they don’t want career politicians or career civil servants.  We should be encouraging people to move in and out of government.  Discriminating against one group of people base on their profession is as troubling as is discriminating against someone based on their skin color, gender, sexuality or religion.  This is unconstitutional and we hope the President and Congress will see this and move in a different direction.  We hope Congress and the President will embrace our solutions.  The issues our Path Forward addresses are the real problems that exist today.

Read our press release here and review our recommendations here.

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