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Justice Department Releases FARA Advisory Opinions

Justice Department Releases FARA Advisory Opinions

The Justice Department released today a batch of advisory opinions in cases involving the Foreign Agents Registration Act. The opinions, which date back to 2010, previously were not publicly disclosed. The information release comes after a 2016 recommendation from the department’s inspector general that the opinions be made publicly available. In a written statement, Assistant Attorney General for National Security John Demers said the release of public opinions was “to enhance compliance” and that “by posting these advisory opinions, the Department of Justice is making clearer how we interpret some of FARA’s key provisions.”

The FARA Registration Unit has issued 49 advisory opinions since January 1, 2010, which are being posted on the website together with three other letters sent in response to requests for general information.  The opinions and letters will be organized on the website by topic of inquiry or the aspects of the statute they discuss.  Any proprietary information, including any information that would identify the parties who made the requests has been redacted. The FARA Unit will post future advisory opinions in a similar manner on a periodic basis.

You can find the advisory opinions here.

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